The most widespread mechanical problem in industry is misalignment. It is estimated that circa 30% to 50% or more of machines in any plant have high degrees of misalignment.
Misalignment induces high vibration levels, which can have devastating effect on expensive machine components. Primarily it may cause coupling to fail, but if coupling is stronger than the adjacent bearing it can subject the bearing to excessive forces with no damage to the coupling, high reaction to misalignment may occur on NDE bearing as well, it may also affect gears, belts, pulleys, blading etc. This leads to unplanned downtime, higher power consumption and higher maintenance costs.

Misalignment issue can be easily solved with laser alignment system. Detection at early stage allow to avoid serious failures and its consequences.

MarLaser360 is precise and universal laser alignment system, it is compact, user-friendly , suitable for almost all applications and customers, and comes in a reasonable price.

With MarLaser360 misalignment will no longer be a problem for your machinery.

Main Features:
• Easy and precise shaft alignment
• Extra light (125g) wireless transducers supplied with rechargeable batteries
• Large 25mm detectors useful for big angular misalignments
• Long range - distance between transducers on S and M machines - up to 3m
• Shaft diameter range: 20 to 250 mm with supplied chains
• Specifically developed software for measurements archiving and reports generating
• Electronic inclinometers allow for convenient measurement in any shaft position
• Rich set of options including horizontal and vertical machines alignment, direct PDF reports
• High capacity flash drive for measurements and reports storage, USB interface with PC
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