TorqueTrak TPM2 - Continuous torque and power monitoring on rotating shaft

Info Marine as a representative of Binsfeld engineering inc. for Baltic countries provides TorqueTrak TPM2. TPM2 series is adequate tool for continuous, real time torque and power monitoring rotating shafts. It helps you find the optimum engine load, which means that you are able to reduce fuel consumption, avoid engine overloading, improve the efficiency of the vessel performance etc.

Features and benefits:

Inductive (non-contact) power and data transfer for continuous operation

  • Machine disassembly and shaft modification not required
  • Easy and permanent installation
  • Shaft diameter up to 1016 mm
  • improved inductive link for increased reliability
  • eight selectable strain/torque input ranges
  • external indicator LED's to facilitate setup, operation and troubleshooting
  • Configuration parameters from the connected computer device
  • High-speed bi-directional communications link interfaces with PC or PLC
  • Waterproof control box

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