CMS Tender App

Introducing the CMS Tender App, your ultimate solution for streamlined data collection and management in the maritime industry. Tailored for the unique needs of ship crews and inspectors during dry dock periods, this advanced mobile application is the key to the efficient handling of equipment-related tasks, documentation, and data.

Experience a new level of precision with the CMS Tender App. Designed to empower ship crews and inspectors, this application becomes an indispensable tool for obtaining accurate information about the condition of equipment during dry dock. Seamlessly capture and manage data, ensuring a comprehensive overview of the ship’s status.

Navigate the repair process with ease using the CMS Tender App. Monitor and track repairs in real time, providing ship crews and inspectors with valuable insights into the progress of each task. This functionality ensures that all stakeholders stay informed, enabling proactive decision-making and timely interventions as needed.

Efficiency meets simplicity with the CMS Tender App’s ability to effortlessly generate final reports. Ship crews can compile comprehensive reports, documenting equipment conditions and repair processes, ready to be submitted to dry docks for accurate repair estimates. This feature streamlines the communication process, saving valuable time and ensuring clarity in documentation.

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