Info Marine excited to collaborate with RealWear, a leading provider of industrial wearable technology. Through this partnership, we integrate RealWear’s cutting-edge wearable devices into our maritime solutions, enhancing efficiency and safety in maritime operations. RealWear’s innovative technology, combined with our expertise in the maritime industry, enables us to deliver advanced solutions that empower maritime professionals with hands-free access to critical information and support.


Info Marine thrilled to collaborate with Getac, a leading provider of rugged computing solutions. Together, we combine our expertise to deliver robust and reliable maritime computing solutions tailored to the unique demands of maritime operations. With Getac’s cutting-edge rugged devices integrated into our maritime offerings, we ensure enhanced productivity, efficiency, and resilience in challenging maritime environments.


Info Marine is excited to announce our collaboration with IFM, a distinguished leader in industrial automation solutions. By joining forces, we bring together our respective expertise to deliver comprehensive maritime solutions customized to your specific requirements.

Through the integration of IFM’s advanced control and automation systems into our maritime offerings, we provide more than just vibration data. Our integrated solutions enable monitoring of various parameters such as pressure, current consumption, and oil quality of working machinery. This comprehensive monitoring capability ensures real-time insights into the optimal efficiency, reliability, and safety of vessels and maritime operations.


Info Marine thrilled to collaborate with Seabizza leading African oil & gas and mining services provider. This partnership will enable us to offer our technical diagnostic services to the fast-growing markets of Angola, Mozambique, and other sub-Saharan countries.
Seabizz Marine Management SA is a trusted partner for the oil and shipping industry, with a wide range of services, such as ship-to-ship operations, inspections and certifications, ship management, bunkering, and outsourcing. They have a strong presence and reputation in the African region, where they operate in compliance with the highest standards of safety and quality.


Info Marine are excited with our collaboration with Vortexen, a leading provider of precision machining and engineering solutions. Together, we leverage our expertise to deliver tailored maritime engineering solutions that meet the highest standards of quality and performance. With Vortexen’s advanced machining capabilities and our maritime industry knowledge, we offer innovative solutions for vessel components, equipment, and structures.