ODS & Modal Analysis

In the dynamic world of maritime operations, gaining precise insights into vessel structural behaviour is imperative. Our cutting-edge Operating Deflection Shape (ODS) and Operational Modal Analysis (OMA) services offer invaluable tools for understanding and optimizing the structural dynamics of marine assets.

Operating Deflection Shape (ODS)

Operating Deflection Shape (ODS) is a sophisticated technique employed in the marine industry to visually represent and analyse the dynamic response of a vessel’s structure while in operation. It captures and illustrates the real-time deflection and deformation patterns, allowing for a comprehensive understanding of structural behaviour under operational conditions. By visualizing and quantifying these deflection shapes, marine engineers gain critical insights into potential areas of concern, facilitating targeted maintenance and optimization efforts.

Operational Modal Analysis (OMA)

Operational Modal Analysis (OMA) is a cutting-edge methodology used in the marine industry to extract the modal parameters of a vessel’s structure under actual operating conditions. This non-destructive testing method enables the identification of natural frequencies, damping ratios, and mode shapes, crucial for understanding the dynamic behaviour of marine structures. OMA is indispensable for marine engineers seeking a comprehensive modal analysis without disrupting vessel operations. By applying OMA techniques, operators can obtain accurate modal parameters under real-world conditions, ensuring the structural integrity of vessels and optimizing their performance.

At Info Marine, our ODS and OMA solutions are tailored for the unique demands of the maritime industry. Elevate the safety, efficiency, and longevity of your vessels through our advanced structural analysis technologies.

Contact us to explore how our ODS and OMA services can optimize the structural performance of your marine assets.

Structure’s movement in resonance at maximum displacements -first position

Structure’s movement in resonance at maximum displacements-second position

Bulkhead with defined measurements points for ODS analysis

Cross-power spectrum indicating resonance frequency

Measurement on board:

2 days

3 days


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