Strain Gauges Measurements

Structure stress measurements offer a critical glimpse into the vitality of constructions, revealing strain levels, deflections, and deformations. Monitoring real stress levels is paramount to ensuring constructions operate within safe material limits.

Here’s why structure stress measurement is indispensable:

  • Post-Modification Evaluation: Assessing structural integrity following modifications is essential to guaranteeing continued safety and stability.
  • Crack Detection: Identifying cracks early through stress measurements allows for prompt intervention, preventing potential structural failures.
  • Prototype Testing: Testing new structural designs helps fine-tune construction plans and ensures adherence to safety standards.
  • Environmental Adaptation: Understanding stress distribution in varying environments is crucial for predicting long-term structural performance.

At Info Marine, we prioritize meeting our clients’ needs by employing strain gauge technology, known for its precision. Our meticulous approach involves tailored measurements at key points, followed by thorough analysis by our qualified engineers, all in compliance with international standards.

Rest assured, our Service Engineers are prepared to address even the most intricate structural challenges head-on. Trust Info Marine for comprehensive structure stress measurement solutions.

Measuring station

Installed strain gauges

Results from strain gauges from different channels

Results of crane structure testing (lifting and lowering weights)

Measurement on board:

2 days

1 day


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