Integration of CBM with Existing System (PMS)

At Info Marine, delivering appropriate information is one of our core values. Recognizing that our clients often utilize a variety of applications, we are committed to streamlining processes and minimizing the number of applications they need to manage. To meet our clients’ expectations, we’ve established our own software division dedicated to integrating information from Condition-Based Monitoring (CBM) into their existing systems, such as smart vessels or Planned Maintenance Systems (PMS). This approach ensures that our clients have all critical information consolidated in one centralized location.

By collaborating through our clients’ existing systems, we offer several benefits:

  • Reduced reliance on email: Most information is stored within our clients’ systems, minimizing the need for extensive email communication.
  • Seamless integration of recommendations: Our recommendations are automatically integrated into our clients’ systems, ensuring prompt action and implementation.
  • Access to upcoming measurements: Information about future measurements and maintenance tasks is readily available within our clients’ systems, facilitating proactive planning and scheduling.
  • Financial insights: Leveraging data from our clients’ systems, we can provide detailed financial statistics regarding savings achieved through deferred maintenance, with reference to historical data from previous PMS systems.

At Info Marine, we are dedicated to optimizing efficiency and enhancing the user experience for our clients by leveraging technology and seamless integration practices.

Workflow implementation of our software into existing PMS

Example of implemented CBM data in PMS