Sea Trials, Pre-Purchase & Pre-Dry Dock Condition Surveys

New Building / Sea Trials Survey

At the culmination of the shipbuilding process, Sea Trials Survey for New Building Vessels serves as the ultimate litmus test for Ship Owners or Asset Managers to ascertain a vessel’s operational capabilities. It’s a crucial phase aimed at uncovering any flaws or defects in propulsion systems, rotating and reciprocating machinery, or hull structure before the vessel sets sail.

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Pre-Dry Dock Survey

Preparing for vessel docking operations is fraught with challenges, consuming valuable time and resources. Considering this, conducting Pre-Dry Dock Surveys emerges as a crucial step in efficiently assessing critical machinery, minimizing surprises at the dockyard, and facilitating timely procurement of necessary spares.


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Pre-Purchase Survey

A Pre-Purchase Survey is a crucial step for Ship Owners or Asset Managers seeking to alleviate concerns and ensure the sea-worthiness of a vessel before acquisition. This inspection aims to uncover any technical issues within critical systems and machinery, providing a comprehensive assessment of the vessel’s condition.


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