Company Departments

At Info Marine, we understand the importance of efficient communication with our various departments. Whether you’re seeking assistance, have inquiries, or need to connect we’ve provided direct email contacts for each department to ensure your needs are promptly addressed.

Sales Department

For inquiries related to sales, partnerships, or product information,

please email:

Technical Department

If you require technical assistance or support for our analytical reports and measurements,

or having CBM-related questions, please email:

Service & Measurement Department

To receive assistance with ordered measurements or upcoming service engineers visit

or other service-related matters, please email:

Logistics & Calibration & Spare Parts Department

If you require assistance with the calibration of your vibration data collector

or have questions regarding spare parts, please email:

Finance Department

For inquiries related to billing, payments, or financial matters,

please email:

Recruitment Department

For questions regarding employment opportunities

or ongoing recruitment processes, please email:


To ensure your invoice is properly submitted, please send it

or include our email address in the CC field:


For questions regarding GDPR policies,

or other GDPR-related matters, please email:

General Inquiries

If your query does not fit into any of the above categories,

or if you’re unsure which department to contact, please email: