Static Test of Electric Motors and Generators

Welcome to our platform dedicated to ensuring the utmost safety and reliability of electrical systems through advanced static testing techniques. Electric wires, whether powering motors, generators, or transformers, rely heavily on insulation for seamless operation. Did you know that approximately half of industrial electric motor failures stem from insulation degradation?

Our static testing services offer a comprehensive solution to this critical issue. Using state-of-the-art equipment capable of generating up to 6kV, we provide precise evaluations of insulation integrity that cannot be achieved through conventional methods. Unlike visual inspections or assessments conducted by crew members or reliability teams, static testing delivers clear and accurate insights into the condition of insulation, including both main and inter-turn layers.

Key Benefits:

  • Enhanced Safety: By identifying insulation degradation early on, our static testing helps prevent potential electrical hazards, ensuring a safer working environment for personnel and protecting valuable equipment from damage.
    Preventive Maintenance: With proactive static testing, businesses can implement timely maintenance strategies to address insulation issues before they escalate into costly failures, minimizing downtime and optimizing operational efficiency.
  • Accurate Assessment: Traditional inspection methods may overlook underlying insulation defects. Our static testing offers a meticulous evaluation of insulation condition, providing actionable data for informed decision-making and risk management.
    Compliance Assurance: Our static testing services align with industry standards and regulations, helping businesses meet compliance requirements and uphold quality assurance protocols.
  • Cost Savings: By detecting insulation weaknesses early and preventing unplanned downtime, businesses can avoid the significant expenses associated with equipment failures, repairs, and production losses.
    Partner with us to harness the power of static testing and safeguard your electrical systems against potential risks. Ensure reliability, longevity, and performance excellence with our advanced testing solutions.

Measurement on board:

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