Smart Glasses & Smart Tablets with Applications


Welcome to IM Smart, where our dedicated software and hardware solutions are designed to revolutionize maritime operations.

Our Smart Solutions are tailored to enhance existing processes and foster improved decision-making by seamlessly integrating intelligent technologies. IM Smart introduces a range of features aimed at optimizing communication, enabling remote surveys, and facilitating efficient task execution.

IM Smart’s hands-free interaction and convenient video calling capabilities empower crew members to stay connected, even in noisy environments aboard ships. Our innovative system utilizes QR codes for easy identification of ship locations and devices, streamlining operations for onboard personnel.

Ship-to-shore communication is made effortless with our solutions, enabling real-time communication between crew members and shore management. Through our apps, crew members can share screens, technical documentation, and arrangements with shore offices, facilitating remote surveys and enhancing collaboration.

Our rugged devices ensure seamless operation even in offline mode, allowing crew members to access technical documentation, capture and store photos, create notes, and perform various tasks related to their work without the need for an internet connection.

As part of our E-learning package, IM Smart includes smart glasses designed to support new crew members during CBM measurements. These devices provide guidance and support, allowing for hands-free operation and efficient task execution.

With our Paint Manager software, clients gain control over deck corrosion levels, even in hard-to-reach areas. The software enables the generation of inspection reports and facilitates the planning of repair work, ensuring optimal maintenance and operational efficiency.

Experience the future of maritime operations with IM Smart’s innovative software and hardware solutions. Elevate your efficiency, communication, and decision-making with IM Smart.