Condition Monitoring: Optimizing Maintenance Efficiency

Condition monitoring stands as the pinnacle of maintenance strategies, often referred to as predictive maintenance. This strategy revolves around pre-emptively detecting any potential issues with machinery, pinpointing the exact nature of the problem, and then executing the necessary repairs. It necessitates the implementation of monitoring and analysis solutions, making it one of the most intricate methods in maintenance. However, when a Condition-Based Maintenance (CBM) system is meticulously planned, it can significantly reduce workload compared to other maintenance strategies.

Taking vibration measurements, for instance, is considerably simpler than conducting overhauls, with the measurement of a single machine typically taking only about 3 minutes. With real-time insight into machinery conditions, we can proactively plan maintenance schedules and procure required spare parts in advance. This proactive approach results in fewer unexpected failures, mitigating the risk of substantial damages or even injuries. Moreover, by maintaining machinery in optimal condition, we ensure the smoothest possible operation.

What Sets Us Apart?

  • Comprehensive Implementation: We provide the end-to-end implementation of the system, encompassing not just hardware and software sales but also comprehensive support.
  • Enhanced Diagnostic Capabilities: Our unique communication system with crews enhances our diagnostic capabilities through a feedback report system. This allows us to compile financial and accurate statistics for diagnosis.
  • Continuous Improvement: Quarterly meetings with vessel managers and crews facilitate ongoing enhancements to our system and collaboration.
  • Training Solutions: We offer in-situ or online training for both crew members and ship management office staff, empowering them with the necessary skills to effectively utilize the system and interpret diagnostic data.
  • Online CBM Platform: Our online CBM platform provides clients with real-time insights into the condition of machinery across their entire fleet, with the ability to focus on specific machinery as needed.
  • Integration Flexibility: We can seamlessly integrate CBM systems with existing PMS software used by clients.
  • Class Society Compliance: We assist in preparing the documentation necessary for vessels to obtain special CM class certification from the classification society.

The main view of fleet on CBM portal