Condition Monitoring for Diesel Engines and Reciprocating Compressors


Info Marine offers route-based periodic Condition Monitoring services for diesel engines and reciprocating compressors, ensuring proactive maintenance and optimal performance. Our approach involves measurements conducted by the crew using portable hand-held data collectors equipped with pressure, vibration, and ultrasonic sensors.

The collected data undergoes meticulous combined analysis, leveraging advanced diagnostic techniques. Key diagnostic insights and technical advice are promptly transmitted to the vessel and made accessible through our cloud-based Condition Monitoring platform. This streamlined process enables timely identification of various faults, including damaged fuel injectors and valves, issues with peak firing pressure, leaking valves and rings, worn or scored liners, damaged bearings, turbocharger defects, and more.

Our system offers a cost-effective solution for the supervision and monitoring of reciprocating machinery. By utilizing three different signal types for measurement, we ensure thorough analysis and comprehensive fault detection for both diesel engines and compressors.

Key Benefit:

  • Proactive maintenance: Identify faults and potential issues early, allowing for timely intervention and prevention of costly breakdowns.
  • Comprehensive analysis: Leveraging multiple signal types for measurement enables thorough analysis, ensuring no fault goes undetected.
  • A cloud-based platform: Access diagnostic data and technical advice conveniently through our cloud-based platform, facilitating informed decision-making and streamlined maintenance processes.
  • Cost-effective solution: Our route-based periodic Condition Monitoring service offers a cost-effective approach to machinery supervision, helping to optimize maintenance budgets while maximising equipment reliability and longevity.