SHAPOLI system meeting EEXI

The Attained Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI) of a ship indicates its energy efficiency in comparison to a baseline. These EEXI values are then evaluated against the required Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index, determined by an applicable reduction factor expressed as a percentage relative to the Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) baseline. This calculation is mandated for ships with a gross tonnage of 400 and above, in accordance with specified values for different ship types and size categories. The individually calculated Attained EEXI value for each ship must be lower than the required EEXI to ensure compliance with the minimum energy efficiency standard.

The ShaPoLi system serves as an instrument for measuring, controlling, and recording the actual shaft power of a ship, ensuring it adheres to the maximum allowed power to meet the vessel’s required EEXI.

The ShaPoLi ECO 8 offers a solution to reduce CO2 emissions in accordance with the new IMO EEXI. This product activates an alarm when the Shaft Power exceeds the EEXI power limit. Installable on the bridge, the ShaPoLi ECO 8 utilizes signals from the installed torque meter, measuring power, shaft speed, and torque. Data recording begins when the shaft speed surpasses 10 rpm.

Key features of the ShaPoli System include:

• Installed LCD screen on the Bridge
• 3 & 6 analogue input displays available:
3 inputs have to be used for power, torque, shaft RPM

Another 3 inputs are available for 3rd part equipment such as fuel flow meters, GPS, Speed log

  • Provides pre-alarm at selected % of allowable power
  • Provides main alarm at max allowable power level
  • Pre alarm provides amber warning on screen
  • Main alarm provides red warning on screen
  • An audible buzzer sounds for both alarms
  • There is also a power failure audible alarm
  • Different display formats available

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