Online Condition Monitoring Solutions

We present a comprehensive suite of online Condition Monitoring solutions meticulously designed for critical rotating machinery, delivering unparalleled flexibility and customization tailored to our client’s unique requirements. Our system not only continuously captures vibration signals but also facilitates the integration of additional signals as needed.
Key features of our analytical software include sophisticated alarms management, real-time condition indication, comprehensive current and historical data comparison, multichannel signal analysis, and the option to receive alarms and advisories via SMS or email. Furthermore, our clients benefit from instantaneous access to the system, ensuring prompt response to evolving conditions.
For environments requiring EX-proof hardware, we provide specialized solutions that meet stringent safety standards. Our end-to-end service encompasses the seamless installation and commissioning of the system, bespoke software customization, ongoing maintenance, and prompt online support.
In instances where deeper insights are necessary, clients can opt to transmit diagnostic data to our specialized analytical department for in-depth analysis. Additionally, our offering includes comprehensive in-situ or online training for both the crew and ship management, ensuring proficient utilization of our advanced Condition Monitoring solutions.

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