Online Exhaust Gas Monitoring

Our system offers versatile installation options, allowing placement either near by the engine area in a dedicated cabinet or seamlessly integrated into the control room panel. The flexibility in deployment ensures optimal convenience based on the specific needs of your vessel.

The system provides advanced connectivity options, such as delivering output alarm signals to the existing onboard control system through digital output or establishing a connection via the MODBUS interface. The incorporated display unit features a data recording capability, boasting an impressive 1.5GB of internal memory. This capacity enables continuous recording of all channels at a speed of 1 sample per second for over 2 months, totaling 125,000,000 samples. For effortless data management, recorded data can be effortlessly transferred to a computer via USB stick for future storage and report generation.

Why should you monitor exhaust gases temperature? Exhaust gases temperature stands out as a pivotal parameter for assessing engine performance. Deviations, whether too high, too low, or displaying significant differences between two cylinders, can serve as early indicators of issues with the fuel injection system, valve timing, and more. Proactive temperature monitoring not only offers crucial insights into existing engine problems before they escalate but also aids in preventing engine failures.

Issues related to injectors or valve timing can lead to increased fuel consumption, directly impacting vessel operation costs. By monitoring exhaust gases temperature, our system empowers you to identify and address these issues promptly, contributing to efficient engine performance and cost-effective operations.

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