CM Management (CBM portal)

Welcome to our comprehensive vessel management platform. As you enter the main site, you’re greeted with an intuitive dashboard designed to provide you with a clear overview of your fleet’s status. Easily monitor the condition of your vessels and their machinery with just a glance, thanks to our circular or tabular view options.

Monitoring Machinery Status:

Our machinery status section simplifies fleet management by categorizing equipment into three distinct categories:
Good Condition: Highlighted in green, indicating machinery operating optimally and without issues.
Alert Condition: Marked in yellow, signaling potential issues that require attention and further investigation.
Action Required: Displayed in red, indicating machinery in need of immediate intervention or maintenance to prevent downtime or further damage.

Vessel-Specific Information:

Delve deeper into individual vessel data, including detailed vibration measurements taken onboard. Navigate effortlessly to the “Summary Reports” tab to access online views of all reports for a specific vessel. Download reports in PDF format, complete with additional columns for measurement date and vibration limit values, for comprehensive analysis and record-keeping.

Monitoring Machinery Trends:
Explore trends in vibration values for each piece of machinery, providing valuable insights into performance and potential issues. This feature offers an easy-to-understand visualization of recommendations and comments, including feedback from your crew, enabling proactive maintenance and troubleshooting.

Survey Status:

In the “Survey Done” view, track when each machinery was last measured and its corresponding ISO class. Quickly identify whether machinery measurements are up-to-date or overdue, facilitating timely maintenance and ensuring optimal performance and safety.

Experience seamless navigation and gain comprehensive insights into your fleet’s machinery health with our user-friendly platform. Welcome to a smarter way of managing your vessels and ensuring operational efficiency and safety.

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