Engine Condition Monitoring APP

Welcome to our comprehensive ship management platform. Upon entering the home page, you are greeted by an intuitive dashboard that provides a clear overview of your fleet’s engine status. Easily monitor your ships’ machinery with our pie or tabular view options.


The dashboard provides essential information and streamlines fleet management. Each ship is represented by three rings, detailing, among other things, the nature and quantity of recommendations within a given category.:

Good condition: Illuminated in green, signaling optimal and trouble-free operation.

Alert Status: Highlighted in yellow, signaling potential issues requiring attention and further investigation.

Action Required: Displayed in red, indicating immediate attention or maintenance needed to prevent downtime or further damage.

The remaining two rings represent the time elapsed since the last measurement and the level of feedback received from the ship following the measurements.


A transparent panel that allows you to display all reports on ships in your fleet. Easy to use, it allows you to quickly check the condition of the engines.

Each measured parameter is depicted through bar charts and tables. Parameters marked in green are within acceptable ranges, while those in red are outside acceptable bounds.


View reference parameters displayed as line charts. Each parameter is assigned to reference charts to quickly and easily check whether the measured value corresponds to those recorded during sea trials.

Based on our experience, we determine the range within which the parameter may be located based on the alarm values ​​of engine parameters.

Chart Data:

In the chart data you can view measurement charts for each engine and cylinder system. The graphs show both vibrations and ultrasounds and, most importantly, the course of the compression pressure and the indicated pressure.

Diesel generator remarks:

Preview panel of information about the work carried out as well as the recommendations received by the crew after the measurements.

You can check what the recommendations were sent by our qualified team of analysts and whether the recommended work was carried out by the crew.

This option is invaluable for ensuring detected engine issues are addressed promptly.