Smart Logbook

Introducing the IM SMART Logbook App, your gateway to next-level efficiency in maritime operations. Seamlessly integrated with the Info Marine database, this innovative app is a game-changer for vessel management, offering a suite of features designed to optimize machine performance and streamline maintenance processes.

Unlock the power of real-time machine condition monitoring with the IM SMART Logbook App. Stay ahead of potential issues by receiving instant updates on the health of your machinery, allowing you to make informed decisions and preemptively address maintenance needs.

Our app goes beyond mere monitoring – it provides comprehensive machine maintenance support. Access detailed insights, historical data, and predictive analytics to plan and execute maintenance activities with precision. Enhance the reliability of your fleet and minimize downtime with a proactive approach to maintenance.

Experience the convenience of automatic QR code recognition on machinery with the IM SMART Logbook App. Effortlessly scan QR codes to trigger pre-programmed events, enabling quick access to relevant information and efficient execution of predefined actions. This feature streamlines workflows, saving valuable time and ensuring accurate data capture.

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