Vibration Measurements App

Introducing the IM Vibration Measurement App – a cutting-edge solution for precision machinery monitoring. This app revolutionizes vibration analysis by providing wireless data collection from portable sensors, ensuring an efficient and user-friendly experience for maintenance professionals.

Experience the ease of capturing vibration data with a pre-programmed list of machinery under vibration measurements, creating a ready-to-use measuring route. The IM Vibration Measurement App simplifies the process, allowing users to effortlessly navigate through essential measurements, ensuring comprehensive coverage of critical machinery.

Efficiency meets automation with the automatic recognition of QR markings on machinery. Trigger pre-programmed events seamlessly by scanning QR codes, eliminating manual input and streamlining the vibration measurement process.

Take control of your data with the IM Vibration Measurement App’s user-friendly upload feature. Quickly and securely transfer vibration data to your PC, packaged and ready to be sent for analysis. Benefit from small-sized files, optimizing bandwidth usage while maintaining the integrity of your data.

Engineered for compliance with FFT spectrum analysis, the IM Vibration Measurement App aligns with IACS-approved Condition-Based Monitoring (CBM) standards. This ensures that your vibration data meets the highest industry benchmarks, providing confidence in the accuracy and reliability of your measurements.

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