New Building / Sea Trials Survey

At the culmination of the shipbuilding process, the Sea Trials Survey for New Building Vessels serves as the ultimate litmus test for Ship Owners or Asset Managers to ascertain a vessel’s operational capabilities. It’s a crucial phase aimed at uncovering any flaws or defects in propulsion systems, rotating and reciprocating machinery, or hull structure before the vessel sets sail.

Our comprehensive suite of services during Sea Trials includes:

  • Identification of Unusual Vibration or Noise: We meticulously detect and analyze any abnormal vibrations or noises, which could indicate underlying issues within the vessel’s machinery or structure.
  • Evaluation of Rotating Machinery Condition: Our experts assess the condition of rotating machinery, often pinpointing problems related to structural issues or resonance, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.
  • Engine-Related Issue Diagnosis: From excessive fuel consumption to unit imbalances, we scrutinize all aspects of engine performance to address any potential inefficiencies or malfunctions.
  • Torsional Vibration Measurements: Through precise measurements of propulsion line torsional vibrations, we verify the shipyard’s calculations of barred Main Engine RPM speed, ensuring alignment with design specifications.
  • Hull Vibration Analysis: We conduct comprehensive analyses to determine if vibrations across the entire range of Main Engine RPM speeds fall within acceptable limits, safeguarding both performance and structural integrity.
  • Noise and Comfort Measurements: Adhering to MLC guidelines, we conduct thorough assessments of noise levels and comfort onboard, ensuring compliance with international standards and enhancing crew welfare.

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