Pre-Dry Dock Survey

Preparing for vessel docking operations is fraught with challenges, consuming valuable time and resources. Considering this, conducting Pre-Dry Dock Surveys emerges as a crucial step in efficiently assessing critical machinery, minimizing surprises at the dockyard, and facilitating timely procurement of necessary spares.

Our Pre-Dry Dock Survey covers:

By implementing our survey strategy up to three months before a vessel’s Dry Dock schedule, we can effectively distinguish between satisfactory and problematic machinery and switchboards. Moreover, our approach doesn’t merely identify problems; we delve deeper to pinpoint root causes and offer actionable recommendations for corrective actions.

Thanks to our proactive approach, we help minimize unnecessary refurbishments of healthy machines and focus resources on rectifying issues that warrant attention, leading to significant cost reductions for our clients.

At Info Marine, we understand the complexities of vessel docking preparations, and our Pre-Dry Dock Surveys are designed to streamline operations, mitigate risks, and enhance overall efficiency, ensuring a seamless docking experience for our clients.

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